Scalp Micropigmentation

a balding treatment

solving male hair loss

Scalp micropigmentation, the most favored hair loss therapy on the planet, is changing people’s lives and also restoring their self-confidence. From typical genetic loss of hair and modest hairline recession to alopecia and loss of hair triggered by burns or surgical procedure, both men can now grow full hair once more.
Scalp micropigmentation can reproduce a full head of shaved hair even for entirely bald people, making use of advanced micropigmentation procedures. Scalp micropigmentation restores the appearance of hair thickness in men that do not want to shave by minimizing the comparison in between the scalp and the remaining hair, making loss of hair much less evident.
Scalp micropigmentation, a highly established as well as creative therapy that is typically provided over three sessions, calls for a high degree of expertise as well as ability to be performed correctly.

a flexible treatment for every situation

The scalp micropigmentation procedure was at first created as a treatment for male hair loss, yet skilled specialists have since modified the method for a variety of client situations.
Along with dealing with male pattern baldness, SMP is likewise utilized to give you the impression of thicker, denser hair, as a reliable camouflage for hair transplantation marks, as well as to mask the signs of alopecia.
You just need to practice simple upkeep following your scalp micropigmentation treatment sessions, which requires regular moisturizing and the application of SPF sun block as needed. Customers just need to see the center for top-ups after every 3 to 5 years ask ink can gradually fade.