Scalp micropigmentation Clients From pensacola

John, 52

John came to Scalp Micropigmentation By Alex Corona after suffering a third-degree sunburn on his scalp that left permanent scarring. Living in Pensacola, John sought a solution to restore his confidence and improve the appearance of his scalp.

In May, John completed his scalp micropigmentation treatment with Alex. Given the severity of his scars, Alex carefully tailored the procedure to ensure the most natural and seamless result. The treatment involved a total of three sessions over six months, with a slight touch-up in the scarred area to perfect the look.

Thanks to Alex’s expertise, John’s scalp micropigmentation now looks fantastic, effectively concealing the scars and giving him a renewed sense of self-assurance. John is thrilled with the outcome, proving that even severe scarring can be addressed with the right treatment and skill.

***The above case studies are shared with the permission of our clients. Each story is real, though names may be changed at the client’s request. At Alex Corona, we value your privacy. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know when you schedule your appointment.