Scalp micropigmentation Clients From Palm Coast

Daniel, 35

Daniel came to us seeking help with the scars left from a previous hair transplant. At 35, he was looking for a way to camouflage these scars and enhance his overall appearance. Based in Palm Coast, Daniel found Alex Corona’s expertise in scalp micropigmentation to be just what he needed.

In July, Daniel had his treatment sessions with Alex. They focused on FUE scar camouflaging, ensuring a natural blend with his existing hair. Alex meticulously matched the pigment to Daniel’s hair color, creating a seamless, undetectable result.

Daniel is thrilled with the outcome. The camouflaging has restored his confidence and provided a solution he thought might never be possible. Scalp micropigmentation has truly made a significant difference for him, helping him feel like himself again.

***The above case studies are shared with the permission of our clients. Each story is real, though names may be changed at the client’s request. At Alex Corona, we value your privacy. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know when you schedule your appointment.