Scalp micropigmentation Clients From Jacksonville beach

Eric, 45

Eric, a confident fellow from Santa Rosa Beach, came to us in March seeking a solution for his hair loss. Having lost virtually all his hair and being a full Norwood 7, Eric wanted a scalp micropigmentation procedure that would give him an extremely natural look.

Eric booked his sessions with Alex Corona, who worked meticulously to recreate Eric’s hairline from scratch. Alex ensured that each impression was perfectly placed, resulting in a soft and natural hairline that suits Eric’s features and age.

Now fully healed, Eric is thrilled with the results. The scalp micropigmentation has restored his hairline and given him a more youthful appearance, boosting his confidence. Eric couldn’t be happier with his decision to undergo SMP with Alex Corona.

***The above case studies are shared with the permission of our clients. Each story is real, though names may be changed at the client’s request. At Alex Corona, we value your privacy. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know when you schedule your appointment.